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Dr. Nicholas Bastidas

Dr. Nicholas Bastidas

Plastic, Reconstructive and Craniofacial Surgery

Dr. Nicholas Bastidas is a leader in pediatric and adult craniofacial reconstructive and plastic surgery in New York and Long Island specifically. Dr. Bastidas uses the latest techniques to successfully treat a wide range of conditions such as cleft lip, craniosynostosis and vascular anomalies.

In New York there are many choices for a craniofacial plastic surgeon. Dr. Bastidas is an experienced leader in craniofacial surgery and has authored over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles on craniofacial and reconstructive surgical procedures.

Trust the New York craniofacial reconstructive and plastic surgery surgeon that is confident, caring and knows how to get the results you are looking for.


Sometimes children need a little extra help. As a pediatric plastic surgeon, Nicholas Bastidas, M.D., treats infants, toddlers, and children for issues like birth defects, tumors, and damage from traumatic injuries. With our team’s help, your child can recover and grow up healthy and strong.

Because children’s bodies are still developing, pediatric surgeons need considerable expertise and experience to properly do their jobs. You can trust Dr. Bastidas, who has worked with children for years and who regularly volunteers with international organizations like Operation Smile, which helps children who need craniofacial surgery worldwide.


Children aren’t the only ones who sometimes need plastic surgery. Whether you simply want to improve your appearance or you need to fix damage from an injury, Dr. Bastidas can help you. Our team offers a wide range of adult plastic surgery services. Take a look at what we have to offer, and if you have questions, give us a call.